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UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice – Insights Mini SECURE : 06 January 2024


How to Follow Secure Initiative?

How to Self-evaluate your answer? 



Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. Discuss Harshavardhana’s legacy as a dynamic and influential king in Indian history who promoted cultural and religious harmony during a transitional period in Indian history. Discuss.

Reference: Insights on India


2. Elaborate upon the factors that contribute to Japan’s susceptibility to tsunamis. Write a note on the importance of an early warning system in preventing the loss of lives due to a tsunami.

Reference: theguardian.comInsights on India


General Studies – 2


3. Examine the factors that lead to a lack of attention given towards State Finance Commissions (SFCs) by the state governments. Suggest measures to rectify the same.

Reference: Live Mint


General Studies – 3


4. Discuss India’s recent strides in the realms of science and technology, highlighting notable achievements that underscore the country’s growing prowess in these fields.

Reference: Indian Express


5. Efforts to eliminate insurgency in northeastern India require a comprehensive approach addressing deep-rooted historical, social, economic, and political causes. Examine.

Reference: The HinduInsights on India


Answer the following questions in 250 words(15 marks each):

General Studies – 1


6. Sufi saints emphasized the universal message of love, tolerance, and brotherhood. They transcended religious boundaries and actively engaged with people from various faiths, promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. Explain.

Reference: Insights on India

General Studies – 2


7. The job market is evolving rapidly due to technological advancements, but higher education curricula is struggling to keep pace. In the context of the above statement, analyse the challenges facing the higher education system in India.

Reference: The Hindu

8. The growing tensions between the United States and China have been characterized by some analysts as a new Cold War or Cold War 2.0. In this context, how should India navigate its foreign policy? Comment.

Reference: Live Mint

General Studies – 2


9. Do you think there is need for legal frameworks, particularly designed for the protection sacred groves in India? Comment.

Reference: Down to Earth


10. The situation of women and children who have been trafficked is marked not only by the initial trauma and suffering they endure during the trafficking process but also by the subsequent challenge of reintegration into the communities they left after their rescue. Analyse.

Reference: The Hindu

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