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Room Temperature Superconductivity

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: TH

 Context: A recent study by scientists in China and Japan has reported signs of superconductivity in a material called LK-99, which had been controversially claimed to be a room-temperature and pressure (RTP) superconductor.


The researchers observed the Meissner effect in copper-substituted lead apatite, indicating superconductivity. The Meissner effect is crucial in identifying materials that conduct electricity without resistance.

Previously, in August (2023), Reddmatter (a new superconductor material) was developed.


What is the Meissner effect?

It is a phenomenon observed in superconductors, where these materials expel magnetic fields from their interior when cooled below a critical temperature. This expulsion occurs as the material transitions to a superconducting state, displaying the ability to conduct electric currents without any resistance.