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Direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology services

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: TOI

 Context: Indian telecom operators have urged the government to auction spectrum for Direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology services.


What is D2M Technology?

D2M (Direct-to-mobile) technology is a new-age communication approach that combines broadband and broadcast. D2M allows mobile phones to capture territorial digital TV signals, enabling the direct streaming of multimedia content, including live TV matches, without the need for internet connectivity. It is similar to that of an FM radio, where a receiver within the device can tap into different radio frequencies.



It proves beneficial for delivering emergency alerts, disaster management audio content, and citizen-centric information directly to mobile devices, reducing reliance on internet data consumption.

Difference between Broadband and Broadcast?

Broadband involves high-speed internet access, transmitting data in both directions. Broadcast is a one-way transmission of content, such as TV or radio signals, to a wide audience. Broadband is interactive, while broadcast is typically unidirectional.