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Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus

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Source: IE

 Context: Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus was sentenced to six months in jail by a Bangladesh court for violating labour laws.


Why is Yunus facing judicial cases?

Yunus faces charges, including corruption and fund embezzlement. The court found his company, Grameen Telecom, guilty of labour law violations.

However, supporters claim the case is politically motivated due to his strained relationship with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who accused him of exploiting the poor. In August last year, over 160 personalities like Barack Obama and ex-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, signed a joint letter denouncing the “continuous judicial harassment” of Yunus.


Contributions of Yunus: 

Muhammad Yunus, through his innovative microfinance model, particularly with the establishment of Grameen Bank, has made significant contributions to alleviating poverty. His approach of providing small, collateral-free loans to the poor, especially women, has empowered millions of entrepreneurs who wouldn’t qualify for traditional bank loans. For his work, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006


Other famous personalities facing issues in their own country:

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