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Surya Namaskar

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


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 Context: Gujarat set a Guinness World Record with over 50,000 people performing ‘Surya Namaskar’ simultaneously at 108 venues.

  • The main event took place at Modhera Sun Temple in Mehsana


About Surya Namaskar:

Surya Namaskar, also known as Sun Salutation, is a yogic practice that involves a series of 12 postures or asanas. The practice is said to pay respect to the sun.


About the Sun Temple:

Built in 1026-27 CE during Bhima I’s rule in the Solanki dynasty, the Modhera Sun Temple is a protected monument managed by the Archaeological Survey of India. Divided into Gudhamandapa, Sabhamandapa, and Kunda, it’s believed to commemorate the defence of Modhera against Mahmud of Ghazni.

The Maru-Gurjara or Solanki style architecture showcases exquisite craftsmanship from the Golden Age of Gujarat. Recognized as a Monument of National Importance, it was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list in December 2022.

The annual Uttarardha Mahotsav dance festival is organized at the temple by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat. Other notable Sun Temples in India include Konark, Martand, Katarmal, Dakshinarkaa, Bhramanya, Surya Prahaar, Suryanar Kovil, and Suryanarayana temples.