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[COMPILATION] Insights Current Affairs, September 2023


Dear Students,

Our motto has always been to simplify your UPSC CSE preparation. In pursuance of the above objective, our team decided to improve the magazines further.

The new and improved version of our Monthly CA Magazine: CURRENT AFFAIRS 30 has several features/changes:

  1. No more bullets in the index (a much-requested feature! Yes, we are always listening to feedback.)
  2. The font size has been increased to make it easier to read
  3. The layout has been tweaked and customized to the content. We wanted users who access our website through a mobile phone to be able to read the content easily without any hassles.
  4. We have incorporated a lot of tables (have you noticed the change in our Daily CA too?). Our team wanted to ensure that our Daily CA consists of relevant and value-packed content. We wanted to make our Daily CA & Magazines an effective study aid that will empower you to revise more effectively.
  5. InstaGraphics have been incorporated. They make it easier to study and retain information.
  6. InstaLinks have been added
  7. Prelims and Mains Questions are included for each topic (including PYQs where relevant).
  8. Mapping: Important Places in News in India and the world have been included. Download it here: [New Release: Monthly Compilation] InstaMaps for UPSC CSE: Important Places in News in India & the World -March 2023 – INSIGHTSIAS (
  9. Content For Mains Enrichment: for the extra boost in Mains, especially Essay and Ethics
  10. Quotes are included too
  11. The content is edited in a manner that ensures all important data/information is retained, without compromising on the quality.


Please remember that the length can be attributed to the above features. We wanted to ensure that you can read the content easily.

We hope that you find our Monthly CA Magazine beneficial! Please leave your feedback in the comments. We will improve it further based on what you think and need to prepare for UPSC CSE in an effective manner. Thank you!


Here is a glimpse of Monthly Current Affairs magazine: CURRENT AFFAIRS 30 for SEPTEMBER 2023





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