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Iyal Vaagai farmer’s market in Coimbatore

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Iyal Vaagai farmer’s market in Coimbatore is an initiative promoting sustainability and organic farming. It provides a platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers (farm-to-table market), avoiding middlemen, and offers a wide range of organic products.

Founded by Alageswari S as a 10-year-old environmental movement, the market encourages organic farming and sustainable living. It offers a wide range of organic products such as cold-pressed oil, country chicken, millets, fruits, vegetables, and greens, all sourced directly from farmers, making prices affordable.

The market encourages eco-friendly practices, reduces plastic usage, and educates the public, especially children, about sustainable living through various activities and workshops. It also fosters entrepreneurship in the organic food sector and serves as a hub for community engagement and cultural activities.

Usage: The example can be used in Agriculture/ Environment Mains Questions