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Immunization Wheel

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 Context: In Uttar Pradesh, the introduction of an immunization wheel has significantly improved the efficiency of accredited social health activist (ASHA) workers, contributing to a high rate of vaccine coverage for newborns.


What is the Immunization Wheel?

The Immunization Wheel is a simple tool consisting of two discs, one with vaccine details and the other with a calendar. Health workers use it to calculate vaccination dates for newborns, making the process more efficient and accurate.


Funded by the Clinton Foundation, the Immunization Wheel simplifies vaccination date calculations. ASHA workers use it to link a child’s birthdate to vaccines, automatically providing dates for the remaining dates for the first year of life.

Success: This tool has boosted vaccine coverage to 95% in the first year and improved parent communication, enhancing immunization success in Uttar Pradesh.


Usage: The example can used as a way forward in Health related questions.