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Excavation in Keeladi

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: TH

 Context: Excavations in Keeladi have uncovered two carnelian beads, reaffirming the historical trade connections between Tamil Nadu and the western regions of India, specifically Maharashtra and Gujarat.

  • These carnelian beads, normally found in Gujarat and Maharashtra, were discovered within an urn at a burial site in Konthagai during the excavation.
  • Last year, 74 carnelian beads were also unearthed in the same area, further highlighting the trade links between Tamil Nadu and western India.


Carnelian beads are small decorative objects made from carnelian gemstones. Carnelian is a reddish-brown to orange variety of chalcedony, a type of microcrystalline quartz. These beads are prized for their vibrant colours and have been used for jewellery and ornamental purposes for centuries.