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Abdul Ahad Khan

Content for Mains Enrichment


Source: DTE

He is residing in Kashmir’s Nagri village and has dedicated the past decade to saving the majestic chinar trees. He starts his day early, tending to chinar saplings in the Band Wader forest area. Khan has nurtured around 1,500 chinar saplings into tall, healthy trees.

Chinar trees are significant in Kashmir for their beauty, shade, habitat provision, and environmental benefits. Khan’s mission began in 2010 when he noticed deforestation in an elevated area. He decided to protect nature by planting chinar trees.

Usage: The example can be used to show the values of Environmental Stewardship; Selflessness (He selflessly invests his time, effort, and personal resources); Education and Awareness (Khan’s actions raise awareness about the importance of chinar trees and environmental conservation)


About Chinar Tree:

Chinar trees are large deciduous trees known for their longevity and vibrant foliage. In autumn, its green leaves transform into shades of red, amber, and yellow.

The chinar holds cultural significance in Kashmir. Muslim Kashmiris believe it was brought by Islamic preachers from Iran, while Hindu Kashmiris associate it with Hindu goddess Bhavani. It is the State tree of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir