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Examples of Ethics

GS Paper 4

 Syllabus: Applications of Ethics


Source: TH

Example 1:

Context: The reports on the death of Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula in Seattle, who was struck by a speeding police patrol car and then her death was laughed at by the officers as having “limited Value”


The incident highlights several ethical issues:

Ethical Issues Description
Insensitive Behaviour Officer Daniel Auderer’s lack of empathy and dismissive attitude toward a tragic incident reflects a lack of compassion.
Accountability Delay in addressing the incident and ensuring accountability raises concerns about transparency, fairness, and justice.
Community Trust The incident threatens to erode trust between the community and law enforcement, raising ethical concerns.
Diversity and Respect Comments about the value of an individual’s life based on background and her age, raise ethical concerns about bias and discrimination.


Example 2:

Context: Resignation of Luis Rubiales, the chief of Spain’s football federation in the wake of a scandal involving allegations of sexual assault for kissing a female player, Jenni Hermoso, during the Women’s World Cup medals ceremony.

Ethical Issue Description
Sexual Assault Rubiales faced allegations of sexual assault for kissing a female player, Jenni Hermoso, without her consent during a public event.
Abuse of Power Accusations were made that Rubiales abused his position as the chief of Spain’s football federation to engage in inappropriate conduct with a player.
Lack of Consent The incident raised ethical concerns regarding consent, as Hermoso stated that she was kissed against her will
Gender Equality Rubiales’ actions sparked discussions about gender equality and respect for women in football, highlighting issues of gender discrimination and machismo.

Similar accusations have been made against the former chief of the Wrestling federation in India. These incidents highlight the issues of lack of ethics in sports.