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Salem sago

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: TH

 Context: The Geographical Indication (GI) tag has been granted to Salem Sago (Javvarisi), which is expected to facilitate its entry into the international market.


About Salem Sago:

  • Sago (also called Sabu dana) is a pearl-white product made from raw tapiocas, appearing as small hard globules or pearls.
  • Tapioca cultivation is significant in Tamil Nadu.
  • Sago production originated in Salem district, which serves as the primary hub for sago production in India, initially on a cottage-scale basis.
  • It is produced from wet starch powder obtained from crushed tapioca roots. The wet starch powder is used to manufacture sago, while the dry powder is utilized as a raw material in various industrial applications.
  • Salem Sago has historical significance as it was used as a food source during severe droughts in the Travancore Kingdom.


Benefits of getting GI Tag:

  • The GI tag is a form of legal protection for the intellectual property associated with Salem Sago.
  • Additionally, products with GI tags receive special attention from the Indian government, such as free exhibition space at events organized by the Railways and Airport Authority, allowances for participation in international exhibitions, and financial support from NABARD for marketing and exporting.