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Moodbidri (Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka)



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In recent archaeological explorations near Moodbidri, Dakshina Kannada, unique terracotta figurines were discovered (related to the Megalithic Dolmen site). These figurines provide valuable insights into the study of the Bhoota cult or Daiva Aradhane. They are datable to the period of 800-700 B.C. The discovery includes various figurines, such as cow bovines, a mother goddess, peacocks, a horse, and more.


Mudbidri is a town and taluk in Dakshina Kannada district. It lies 34 km northeast of the district headquarters, Mangalore, in Karnataka. Because of the widely grown bamboo in ancient days, this place was named Moodabidri.


What is a megalithic dolmen?

It is a type of ancient burial structure consisting of large stone slabs. These stones are arranged to create a chamber or tomb, often with a capstone on top.