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Initiatives for promoting disability Rights and Promoting inclusivity

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Source: PIB

The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) in India has introduced five transformative initiatives aimed at reshaping the disability rights landscape and promoting inclusivity.



MOU with the Council of ArchitectureFor inclusion of universal accessibility courses in Bachelor of Architecture programs and develop certified courses for accessibility audits.
Releasing of Anonymous Data of UDIDRelease of anonymous data via the UDID portal for research, enabling data-driven decision-making in the disability sector.
PM Daksh PortalIntroduction of the PM Daksh Portal, a digital platform offering registration, skill training options, job listings, and streamlined administrative processes for persons with disabilities.
Courts on Disability RightsCompilation of significant disability rights judgments from India’s Supreme Court and High Courts into a booklet for reference.
Online Case Monitoring Portal by CCPDAdoption of a paperless and efficient online case monitoring portal by the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities for handling grievances.


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