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Kylinxia zhangi: Three-Eyed “Fossil Monster”

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: NewScientist


Context: Scientists have examined an exceptionally well-preserved fossil of Kylinxia zhangi, a creature related to arthropods, using a CT scanner.

  • The fossil, which is approximately 520 million years old, was discovered in China’s Chengjiang biota, known for its remarkably preserved animals from the Cambrian period.
  • Kylinxia had three eyes on its head and possessed formidable claws, likely used for catching prey. The fossil’s preservation allowed researchers to digitally examine its features and observe that its head had six segments, similar to modern arthropods.
  • This finding suggests that Kylinxia and contemporary arthropods share a common ancestor with a six-segmented head.

This study provides valuable insights into the early evolution of arthropods and related organisms, shedding light on the morphology and characteristics of Kylinxia.