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Gujarat Declaration

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: PIB


Context: The “Gujarat Declaration,” released as the outcome of the first WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit 2023, emphasizes the global commitment to harnessing the potential of traditional medicine for the betterment of health and well-being worldwide.

Key OutcomesDescription
Reaffirmation of Global CommitmentsCommitment to indigenous knowledge, biodiversity, and traditional medicine.

Emphasis on rigorous scientific methods for holistic health approaches.

India’s RoleIndia’s importance as host of the WHO Global Traditional Medicine Centre.

India’s role in enhancing WHO’s support for member states and stakeholders.

Promotion of Traditional MedicineScaling up evidence-based Traditional Complementary Integrative Medicine (TCIM) interventions.

Collaboration among regions, disciplines, and stakeholders for global health benefits.

Integration into National Health SystemsIntegration of TCIM into national health policies and systems based on research.

Regulation and formal utilization of scientifically proven TCIM products and practices.

Standardization and Data CollectionPolicies to standardize TCIM documentation using WHO’s ICD-11 for evidence integration.

Establishment of a global network of TCIM reference clinical centres for data collection.

Digital Health and BiodiversityAdvancement of digital health technologies, including AI, for TCIM resources.

Protection of biodiversity, Indigenous knowledge, and Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit 2023 DetailsOrganized by WHO and co-hosted by the Ministry of Ayush.