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New species of leaf insects

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: The Print

 Context: An international research team, has identified seven previously unknown species of leaf insects, also known as walking leaves.

  • These insects belong to the stick and leaf insect order, which are known for their remarkable camouflage that makes them appear like parts of plants such as twigs, bark, or leaves. This disguise offers protection from predators and poses challenges for researchers.
  • Genetic analysis played a key role in identifying these “cryptic species” that cannot be differentiated based solely on their external appearance.



About Leaf Insects: 

Leaf insects are tropical insects that resemble leaves to avoid predators. They are closely related to stick insects and are known for their remarkable camouflage. Leaf insects are found in the forests of Asia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and the islands of the Indian Ocean.