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Cleantech Solutions


 Source: TH

 Context:  The article discusses the potential of cleantech solutions to drive an inclusive green future in India. It highlights that for effective climate action, it’s crucial to align environmental initiatives with economic development goals.


The green economy approach is emphasized as a way to achieve this alignment, by integrating solutions that simultaneously address environmental challenges and developmental needs.


Examples of this approach are:

  • Solar dryers converting throwaway tomatoes into sun-dried ones in Andhra Pradesh
  • Biomass-powered cold storages helping farmers in Maharashtra selling lemons make a gain that is three to five times that of the original price
  • Solar silk reeling machines reduce drudgery for thigh-reelers and double their income in Odisha

Research at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) shows that just 12 such cleantech solutions (varying from solar pumps to cold storages to charkhas and looms) have the potential to impact at least 37 million livelihoods or about 16% of our rural population.

Usage: The examples can be used in environmental questions.