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[ Day 65 – August 22, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – GS3 & Ethics



Q1. Are there any challenges or drawbacks associated with providing legal backing to MSP? If so, what are they? (10M)


Q2. The Jal Jeevan Mission prioritizes involving marginalized and vulnerable communities in decision-making and water management. Elucidate (15M)




Q3. While some corporates continue to be moral exemplars in showcasing high levels of corporate governance and ethical management; many seem to care less in the mad-rush to be rich. Critically analyse the statement in the context of many start-ups emerging in our country. (10M)


Case Study


Q4. You are the Indian employee of XYZ Pharmaceuticals Company which manufactures medicines for western countries alone. The company is located in USA. Incidentally, you come to know a fact that a medicine under development for some disease prevalent in Western countries is equally useful in curing a disease in developing countries of Asia. The aforementioned disease is prevalent among ultra-rich in western countries and the medicine will earn humungous profits to your company. But the disease that struck the developing countries is prevalent among ultra-poor tribal community and the company cannot reap profits from sale in Asia and so not interested in introducing the medicine in Asia.


How will you convince your CEO to introduce the medicine in Asian market keeping in mind the profit interests of your company and welfare of Asian tribal communities?

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