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[ Admissions Open ] Insights IAS Anthropology Optional Classes 2024 Batch 2 by Dr. Arjun Bopanna from 18th Sept. 2023



Fee:  Rs. 35000/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Offer : 10% discount till 5th Sept. 2023

Mode : Online & Offline(Offline in Bangalore)

Starts from : 18th Sept. 2023


Are you an aspirant preparing for the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE)? Do you have Anthropology as your optional subject? We’re thrilled to introduce specialized Anthropology Optional Classes 2024 batch 2 tailored to enhance your preparation and boost your chances of success.


If you are in a dilemma about choosing the optional subject for UPSC CSE, watch the video below:


Why Choose Our Anthropology Optional ?

Anthropology is a captivating subject that delves into the study of human societies, cultures, and their evolution over time. With its multidisciplinary nature, Anthropology equips you with analytical and critical thinking skills, crucial for success in the UPSC CSE.

Anthropology is the science of human Kind. It studies all aspect of Human beings- Social-cultural-Biological aspects of Humans. The Anthropology syllabus of UPSC mains can be simplified as following

Social-Cultural Anthropology

      • Study various institutions- observe, study the variation, classify, and build theory
      • Contribution of anthropologists
      • Methods used to study society


Cultural and Biological evolution

Cultural evolution

        • Paleolithic
        • Mesolithic
        • Neolithic
        • Chalcolithic
        • Copper bronze age
        • Iron age

Biological Evolution

        • Theories- Darwin theory
        • Study of primates
        • Stages:
          • Australopithecines
          • Homo erecturs
          • Neanderthal
          • Homo sapiens
        • Cultural and Biological evolution in relation to India

Biological anthropology

        • Variation in Human
        • Genetic studies
        • Mendelian genetics- Inheritance of characters
        • Chromosomal abnormalities in Humans
        • Race and racism
        • Ecological anthropology
        • Epidemiological anthropology
        • Growth and development
        • Fertility study
        • Demographic theories
        • Applied anthropology

Indian culture and society

        • Demography of Indian population
        • Nature of Indian traditional society
        • Caste system
        • Some theories related to them
        • Impact of other religion on Indian society
        • Indian anthropology and anthropologists
        • Indian village studies
        • Minorities
        • Social change
        • Exploitation of marginalized section

Tribal India

        • Classification
        • Problems of tribal India
        • Forest policy
        • Administration of tribal areas
        • Social change among tribes
        • Contribution of anthropologist

For Detailed Syllabus- Refer 


To Know more about Anthropology Optional Subject, attend the Orientation Session on 31st August 2023.



Why Choose Our Insights IAS Anthropology Optional Classes?


  • Syllabus will be covered in 100 classes (2.5 hours each)
  • Systematic and Comprehensive coverage of syllabus
  • Online / offline mode
  • Special attention on presentation of content
  • Focus on new developments and extensive case study
  • 4 class room tests
  • Value addition Handouts and Biological Anthropology Text book (E-copy)



SECTION(in this order)DURATION (2.5 hours)
THEORIST15 classes
TRIBAL INDIA12 classes


About Faculty:

  • Dr Arjun Bopanna (MBBS from KIMS Bangalore)
  • International Athlete
  • Anthropology teaching experience – 9+ years
  • Author of Biological Anthropology For UPSC
  • 2 UPSC interviews
  • Selected as Assistant commandant (CRPF) and also state services



Fee:  Rs. 35000/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Offer : 10% discount till 5th Sept. 2023

Mode : Online & Offline(Offline in Bangalore)

Starts from : 18th Sept. 2023




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