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Milasha Joseph

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Milasha Joseph, a young woman from Mararikulam in Alappuzha, is on a mission to conquer the Seven Volcanic Summits, the highest volcanoes on seven continents. Over the past 21 months, she has successfully scaled three mountains: Kilimanjaro, Damavand, and Elbrus.

Her drive to overcome challenges, including her chronic asthma, motivated her to venture into mountaineering as a way to break societal constraints and empower women.

She has four more volcanic mountains to climb — Ojos del Salado on Argentina–Chile border, Pico de Orizaba in Mexico, Mount Giluwe in Papua New Guinea and Mount Sidley in Antarctica

Usage: The example can be used for illustrating the values of determination, perseverance, empowerment, courage, and pushing beyond limitations.