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‘FloodWatch’ app


Source: ET

 Context: The Central Water Commission of India has introduced the ‘FloodWatch’ app, designed to forecast floods one day in advance and provide a seven-day advisory for flood risk at various measurement stations across the country.


The app features a map of India with colour-coded circles representing flood risk levels:

  • Green for normal
  • Yellow for above normal
  • Orange for severe
  • Red for extreme

The app also provides State-wise/basin-wide flood forecasts for up to 24 hours or flood advisories, up to seven days, that can be accessed by selecting specific stations.

Clicking on a circle provides information about the current water level, the historical highest level, the danger level, and warnings in both written and audio formats. The app utilizes satellite data analysis, mathematical modelling, and real-time monitoring to deliver accurate and timely flood forecasts.