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Sulina Channel (Danube River)



Source: IE

The Sulina Channel holds immense importance for Ukraine’s grain trade as an alternative passage after Russia’s withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal. This deal was used to provide safe passage for cargo ships carrying grain from Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

The Sulina Channel, a distributary of the Danube, plays a crucial role in this new trade route, connecting major Ukrainian ports to the Black Sea within Romania’s borders.

The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe, after the Volga in Russia. It rises in the Black Forest mountains of western Germany and flows for 2,850 km to its mouth on the Black Sea.




 16th August CA: In the article Mapping: Georgia: Georgia was shown as a country. However, the article was about Georgia (a USA state).

14th August CA: Fact for Prelims: Asian Elephant: In the Status of Elephants in India, it was incorrectly given as “More than 60% of the World’s elephant population is in India”. However, the correct sentence would be “More than 60% of the Asian elephant population is in India”