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“Karnataka’s ‘Koosina Mane’ Creches: Redefining Childcare

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 Context: Karnataka government has introduced the ‘Koosina Mane’ initiative, which aims to provide childcare support for women enrolled under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and other working mothers.

The scheme involves setting up child homes or creches across 4,000-gram panchayats, offering healthcare, nutrition, and safety for children.


Significance of the scheme:

  • Boosting Women’s Labor Force Participation
  • Acknowledging Working Mothers
  • Redistribution of Childcare Burden from women, enhancing their ability to engage in better paying and more sustainable work.
  • Addressing Child Safety by providing a well-managed childcare infrastructure with trained caregivers.
  • Enabling Maternity Protection.
  • Fostering Women’s Employment


Other schemes: Shakti scheme (free state bus travel for women); Gruha Jyothi scheme (Raising the living conditions of residents by subsidizing electricity up to 200 units per month)