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Traditional Rice Variety: Red Rice


Source: BBC

 Varsha Sharma, a farmer from Himachal Pradesh, India, has faced challenges due to erratic rainfall and water diversion for industries, impacting her rice farming. She shifted to hybrid rice varieties and apple cultivation, but the hybrid rice required excessive additives that damaged the soil.

In 2018, she turned to red rice, a traditional variety that thrives without chemicals and fertilizers (completely Organic), offering better nutrition and organic qualities. Red rice also commands a good price in the market, making it a favourable choice for many farmers.

Himachal Pradesh’s government aims to expand red rice cultivation to 4,000 hectares. The resurgence of traditional rice varieties like red rice is transforming farming practices in India, with indigenous seeds proving resilient and sustainable.

NGO helping Farmers: India’s Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), is an organisation that works with farmers to make farming more sustainable.


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