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Karnail Singh Isru

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: IE

 Context:  On India’s Independence Day, Punjab Chief Minister paid homage to activist Karnail Singh Isru, who died on the same day in 1955 while participating in the Goa Liberation Movement.

  • Karnail Singh Isru was born in 1930 in what is now Pakistan and was inspired by the freedom movement against colonial rule. He joined the Communist Party of India (CPI) and became part of the Goa Liberation Movement, which aimed to hoist the Indian flag in Goa.
  • Isru left his home to join the movement without informing his family and was part of a group of Satyagarhis led by Sahodrabai Rai.
  • However, upon entering Patradevi village in Goa, Portuguese forces opened fire, and Isru was fatally shot in the chest at the age of 25.


Goa was eventually annexed by India in 1961 through Operation Vijay.

In Goa, a bronze bust of Isru was installed in a primary school in Patradevi village. The legacy of Karnail Singh Isru serves as a reminder of the sacrifice made for India’s freedom struggle and the Goa Liberation Movement.