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Example of Ethics: Chef Pillai

GS Paper 4

 Syllabus: Ethics in Human Lives


Source: IE

 Context: Award-winning Famous Chef Suresh Pillai recently shared a heartwarming story that highlights the ethical aspect of compassion and assistance.

In a viral post, the Chef recounted how his team helped relocate the family members of one of their employees from conflict-ridden Manipur to Kerala. The employee, Susmitha, was visibly distressed due to her family’s situation back in Manipur.

Chef Pillai and his team took action, bringing Susmitha’s mother and sister to Kochi, providing them with accommodation, and even assisting them in finding jobs at the restaurant.

Despite the language barrier, the family members quickly adapted to their roles, showcasing their dedication and resilience.

This story demonstrates the importance of empathy and support for employees’ personal challenges, reflecting Chef Pillai’s caring nature and ethical responsibility towards his team. Netizens praised his compassionate actions, hailing him as a “wonderful soul.”