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[ Day 56 – August 13, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – Social justice & Ethics

Social justice


Q1. Can the infusion of digital tools and technology transcend geographical barriers and foster equitable learning experiences for students in India. (10M)


Q2.  India has seen a remarkable reduction in poverty in recent years. Has the reduction in poverty contributed to bridging the gap between urban and rural areas, and equally benefitting marginalized rural communities. Discuss(15M)




Syllabus: Emotional intelligence concepts, and their utilities and application in administration and governance.

Q3. Explain the various reasons behind why civil servants become overwhelmed, eventually losing their emotional stability. Also, discuss how can civil servants strive to maintain their emotional stability even in the face of great challenges (10M)


Case Study


Q4. Ramu is a daily wage worker. One evening while returning to home from work he encounters a family of three—a mother, a daughter, and a son. They beg to him that they lost their money and wanted to go home for which they need money. Without second thought Ramu gives the entire sum of money in his hand i.e. Rs. 253. When he reaches home, he finds his own son being sick and when his wife asks Ramu to take their son to hospital, he communicates what has happened. His wife criticises his misplaced compassion and claims charity is reasonable only when our stomach is full. Ramu’s anger bursts and he beats his wife. In this chaos, they fail to take their son to hospital

Next day, completely overwhelmed by the fight that happened with his wife, Ramu goes to his work with frustration. His employer is very arrogant and he squeezes labours to get the job done and pays very less back. Uncontrollably, Ramu who was scolded severely for being late to work by 5 minutes, hits his employer with a crowbar and the employer dies in the spot. When he flees back to home, he finds his son dead of pneumonia who could have been saved if taken to hospital. Unable to accept this misery Ramu commits suicide and kills his wife by mixing poison in the drinking water that he gives her.

Answer the following questions:

(a)  What is your estimation of Ramu’s personality in terms of emotional intelligence?

(b)  Do you think incidents like this are increasing nowadays especially the wholesale suicide by families? Comment

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