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Tamil Palm manuscripts: Gnanamuyarchi

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: TH

 Context: Palm manuscripts from the 18th Century titled “Gnanamuyarchi” have been discovered in an Armenian monastery in Northern Italy.


What is a manuscript?

A manuscript is a handwritten or typewritten document, usually historical or literary in nature, before the age of printing. For example, ancient religious Sanskrit texts written on palm or birch leaf.


More about the News:

  • The documents may contain a copy of the first translation of Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercise in Tamil, possibly by Michele Bertoldi (Gnanaprakasasamy).
  • Initially categorized as ‘Indian Papyrus Lamulic Language–XIII Century’, the manuscripts were not recognized as Tamil texts.
  • It’s suggested that Armenians from Chennai might have brought the manuscripts to Italy.