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[ Day 48 – August 5, 2023] 75 Days Mains Revision Plan 2023 – Modern India and Post-Independence & Ethics


Modern India and Post-Independence


Q1. How did the Indian Home Rule Society’s activities on foreign soil contribute to the broader Indian independence movement back home? (10M)


Q2. Assess the long-term implications of the economic drain on India’s economic growth and development, both during and after the British colonial period? (15M)




Q3.  Explain how cultural mores affect the way societal ethics is viewed and practiced in various parts of the world. (10M)


Case study


Q4. You are the PIO (Public Information Officer) for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Your Ministry has enormous health statistics at treasure. These involve sensitive health information of many citizens. Such information is denied to be given under RTI to any applicant since they come under ‘third-party information’. However, many pharmaceutical MNCs are interested in availing such information by any means since they have high commercial value for research and development. Now, disregarding citizen’s privacy, your Minister has asked you to share the information in a camouflaged manner to an MNC which funded his party heftily. The company will file an RTI for name-sake and third-party information is asked to be shared through RTI reply. By doing this, you are promised a plum- post in government after retirement.

Identify the ethical issues involved in this case. What options are available to you? Examine them.             (20 Marks, 250 Words)


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