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Assam’s Manas Tiger Reserve


Source: TH

 Context: Assam’s Manas Tiger Reserve is facing significant staffing challenges, with nearly 63% of required positions vacant. The reserve is transitioning from a low- to high-tiger-density area according to the All India Tiger Estimation 2022.


Manas, situated in Assam and traversed by the Manas and Beki rivers, experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The primary forest types include semi-evergreen forests, mixed moist and dry deciduous forests, alluvial grasslands, creeper swamp forests, Eastern seasonal Swamp forests, and Cane and bamboo brakes. Notably, endemic plant species like the Catechu tree, Sissoo, and White siris thrive here, while the endemic fauna includes the Pygmy hog, Golden langur, and Assam roofed turtle. This area is a World Natural Heritage site, encompassing a wildlife sanctuary, national park, and tiger reserve, safeguarding its unique biodiversity.