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Room-temperature superconductor


Source: LM

Context: Korean researchers claim to have developed a superconductor named LK-99 that operates at room temperature and ambient pressure, a significant breakthrough in the field of physics.

  • Superconductors are materials that transmit electricity with nearly 100% efficiency and have various practical applications, such as in MRI machines and magnetic levitation trains.
  • Room-temperature superconductors would have numerous benefits, including reducing the cost of electricity grids, computer chips, maglev train magnets, energy storage devices, and fusion reactors by saving on coolant expenses.

Significance: If validated, this discovery could revolutionize various industries, including computing.

Superconductors are essential for quantum computing, where quantum bits (qubits) process information simultaneously, providing immense computational power. Currently, physical qubits require super-cooling to avoid errors, but room-temperature superconductors could eliminate the need for elaborate cooling systems, making quantum computing more practical and accessible.