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GI tags in News

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: TH

 Context: The Geographical Indications Registry granted the GI tag to three famous products from Tamil Nadu.

Jaderi namakatti



Clay sticks with white colour, finger-like shape, and smooth texture. Made by Jaderi Tiruman (Namakatti) Producers Society in Jaderi, Tiruvannamalai district.Village of Jaderi, Tamil Nadu
Kanniyakumari Matti banana



Traditional table banana with medicinal value, highly fragrant, sweet with a sub-acid flavour, and powdery nature.Kanniyakumari district, Tamil Nadu
Chedibutta saree



Handloom saree made from art silk and cotton mix fabric, featuring the iconic “plant and flower” motif on the border and pallu. Woven by skilled Sowrashtra weavers.Veeravanallur town, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu


In addition to these, seven other products from different regions of India also received GI tags, including

  • Agra leather footwear
  • Rajasthan’s Nathdwara Pichhwai Painting
  • Kashmir’s Mushqbudji rice
  • Bihar’s Marcha Rice
  • Jammu Kashmir’s Rajouri Chikri Wood Craft
  • Agsechi Vayingim (Agassaim Brinjal) of Goa
  • Sat Shiro Bheno (Sat Shirancho Bhendo) also known as Okra, is a vegetable crop of Goa.