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Cooling solutions

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 Source: DTE

 India has introduced a Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) that aims to achieve a 20% reduction in cooling load through climate-appropriate building envelopes and a 30% reduction in cooling energy through improved efficiency and practices.

The key to providing thermal comfort lies in recognizing the appropriate cooling technologies for different climatic conditions.


Examples include:

  • Ceiling fans for heat dispersal
  • Desert coolers for hot and dry months
  • Ventilation and dehumidification for humid climates

Innovative Cooling solutions include:

  • Using the Earth’s potential as a heat sink through tunnels embedded underground
  • Evaporative cooling by passing air through water-saturated mediums
  • Indirect evaporative cooling cools incoming air without adding moisture
  • Dehumidification for extremely humid weather conditions.

Usage: These cooling solutions offer energy-efficient alternatives to conventional air conditioners and can significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in the building and construction sectors.