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 Ludwigia peruviana

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: TH

 Context: The invasive weed Ludwigia peruviana is threatening elephant habitats and foraging areas in Valparai, Tamil Nadu.


About Ludwigia Peruviana:

The Ludwigia peruviana, an aquatic plant with pale yellowish flowers, is causing significant challenges in various swampy areas worldwide. Originally introduced as an ornamental plant for its tiny yellow flowers in Tamil Nadu, it now grows rapidly, particularly in wetlands, due to the pre-monsoon temperature and monsoon rains. This fast growth is disrupting the balance of perennial foraging grounds, hindering the growth of grass and native plants that elephants and other animals such as Gaur, rely on for food.


  • Origin: It is popularly called primrose willow, it is a native of Central and South America.
  • It is among the 22 priority invasive plants in Tamil Nadu.
  • It has infested the majority of the hill station’s swamps, locally known as vayals .