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Plant species that can withstand extreme dehydration


Source: TOI

 Context: The Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot in India, is home to 62 Desiccation-Tolerant (DT) Vascular plant species, capable of surviving extreme dehydration by losing up to 95% of their water content and reviving when water becomes available again.

  • This unique ability allows them to thrive in harsh, arid environments that would be unsuitable for most other plants. These DT plants have potential applications in agriculture, especially in water-scarce regions.


Key Findings:

  • The study highlights that DT plants are predominantly found in rock outcrops, a common landscape feature in the Western Ghats, but they also inhabit tree trunks in partially shaded forests.
  • Of the 62 species identified, 16 are exclusive to India, and 12 are unique to the Western Ghats outcrops, emphasizing the area’s significance as a global DT hotspot.