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Zero Waste Dining

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Restaurants and bars around the world are embracing zero-waste dining and changing the way diners approach sustainability. One such establishment is RE- in Sydney, Australia, which is the world’s first permanent “waste-free” regenerative cocktail bar and restaurant.

RE- uses upcycled decor elements and serves cocktails and food made from repurposed ingredients, such as coffee liquor made from recycled coffee grounds and banana peel syrup in their Old Fashioned. The restaurant focuses on reducing food waste and promoting sustainability.


Other initiatives for sustainable dining:

  • Restaurant Edible Archives in Goa uses local ingredients and practising on-site composting
  • Frea in Berlin and Rest in Oslo have been recognized for their sustainable practices, including using blemished or misshapen vegetables and on-site composting.
  • Pisticci in New York practices organic farming and composts its organic waste.
  • Silo in London manages production waste effectively and features dining furniture made from upcycled materials.


Use: The examples can be used in the Environment paper as an initiative to reduce food waste and address climate change.