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Captive Breeding of Fishes

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

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Context: The Centre for Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) in Visakhapatnam is engaged in captive breeding and seed production of Groupers, John’s Snapper, and Indian Pompano at its mariculture lab.

Fish SpeciesLocal Name
Groupers (Up to 9 kg)Bbonthalu 

John’s Snapper (Up to 8 kg)appalu chepa 

Indian Pompano (2.5 kg – 5 kg)chanduvapara 


These fish species, typically found in deep waters, are being bred to provide sustained income to coastal fish farmers affected by frequent cyclones.


Captive breeding of fishes refers to the practice of breeding and rearing fish species in controlled environments such as fish farms, hatcheries, or aquariums.


India’s Status in Fish Production:

India is the third largest fish-producing country, contributing 8 per cent to global fish production and ranks second in aquaculture production.


About CMFRI:

The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (HQ: Kochi, founded: 1947; Ministry: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare; under ICAR) is the leading tropical marine fisheries research institute in the world