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X-class solar flare


Source: Science Alert


Context: Recently, a powerful solar flare, classified as an “X-class” flare, hit Earth, causing an eruption of X-ray and ultraviolet radiation.

  • The flare resulted in a radio blackout for about an hour in parts of southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand due to the ionization of the upper atmosphere.
  • This event follows a series of strong solar activities, including coronal holes and eruptions, which even led to the appearance of the Northern Lights as far south as Arizona.
  • The Sun has already produced three moderate “M-class” flares in the past day, and there is a forecast for more M-class flares in the coming days, with a slight chance of another X-class flare.


The frequency of solar flares and eruptions is expected to increase as the Sun approaches the peak of its 11-year solar cycle in 2025.