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UAE and Space


Source: TH

 Context: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made significant strides in its space exploration ambitions, with a focus on becoming a global power in the sector.


Key aims and achievements:

  • The UAE has established a National Space Fund of AED 3 billion (₹6,600 crores) to strengthen its position in the space industry and diversify its economy.
  • Projects launched: Emirates Mars Mission, which aims to study the atmosphere and climate of Mars
  • Planning to launch Rashid Rover, UAE’s Moon Mission
  • Arab Space Pioneers program which trains young talents in space technologies.
  • It sent astronauts to the International Space Station
  • It launched satellites for remote sensing and urban planning purposes
  • UAE’s long-term goals include building a human settlement on Mars by 2117 and exploring the asteroid belt.


Other Gulf countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia have also invested in their space programs, with Saudi Arabia even sending the first female Arab astronaut to space.


India- UAE Space Cooperation: 

ISRO and UAE Space Agency (UAESA) signed an MoU to facilitate cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes in 2016. UAE’s first nanosatellite, ‘Nayif-1, was launched by PSLV from Siriharikota to collect environmental space data.