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Zo peoples of Manipur & Mizoram

Facts For Prelims

Source: IE

Context: The recent clashes in Manipur has raised attention of many leaders who called for a reunification of the Zo people in view of the continuing ethnic violence between the dominant Meiteis and the Kuki-Zomi tribes in the neighbouring state.

About Zo tribes:

  • The Zo people comprise various tribes, including Chin, Kuki, Mizo, Lushei, Zomi, and others, spread across Myanmar, India, and Bangladesh. The tribes share a common history, including migration and settlements in different regions, and are connected by their Christian faith.
  • The movement for Zo reunification, while emotionally appealing to the people of Mizoram, faces political challenges in terms of carving out areas from Manipur, Tripura, and neighbouring countries for integration with Mizoram.