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Children impacted by armed conflict

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Source: DTE

 Context: The United Nations (UN) has removed India from its annual list of countries affected by armed conflict children, citing measures taken by the Indian government to better protect children.

  • India was previously included in the list due to allegations of recruitment of young boys by separatist militant groups in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as accusations of detention of young boys by Indian security forces.


More findings:

  • The UN Secretary-General’s report highlighted that the highest number of violations against children occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Israel, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Yemen.
  • Myanmar, South Sudan, and Burkina Faso experienced the worst deterioration in the situation.
  • The report also noted an increase in attacks on schools and hospitals, with a significant rise in the military use of schools by armed forces and groups.

The report highlighted the ongoing challenges in monitoring and verifying violations, including access constraints and underreporting, and emphasized the need for increased efforts to protect children affected by armed conflict.