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 Affirmative Action in Higher Education

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The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled to strike down race-conscious policies in college admissions, bringing an end to affirmative action in higher education. Affirmative action refers to admissions policies that aim to increase the representation of minority students, such as Black and Hispanic students, on college campuses.

Many colleges and universities consider race as part of a holistic approach to admissions, along with other factors like grades and extracurricular activities, to promote diversity and enhance the educational experience.

Reason for such a decision: US Supreme Court has narrowly emphasized individual rights and equal treatment over considerations of historical disadvantage or societal diversity.

Impact: The impact of this ruling will lead colleges to explore new strategies to ensure diversity in their student populations. Also, Indian Students will be affected as well.

Usage: The example can be used as a counterargument to affirmative policies in India.