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Yakshamitraru Germany

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)

 Source: TH

A team of amateur Yakshagana artists based in Germany, known as ‘Yakshamitraru Germany,’ is organizing charity shows to support economically disadvantaged artists and provide scholarships for underprivileged students in India.

The team members emphasize the preservation of Yakshagana’s authenticity and refuse to compromise its integrity by blending it with other art forms. They have received acclaim for their performances, with the shows contributing to the revitalization of Yakshagana.


Usage: Such an example can be cited in the Essay/ Arts and Culture question, highlighting the revitalization of arts and supporting the artist community using innovative means.


About Yakshagana

Yakshagana is a traditional dance-drama form originating from the Indian state of Karnataka. It combines elements of dance, music, dialogue, elaborate costumes, and intricate makeup. The performances typically depict stories from Hindu epics and mythology, showcasing a blend of folklore, history, and religious themes.