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Bagh print

Facts for Prelims (FFP)

Bagh print

 Context: Madhya Pradesh Women learn to make Bagh print bags under the ‘Safe Tourist Places project’.


Bagh Prints of Madhya Pradesh

  • Bagh Prints derived its name from the village Bagh on the banks of the Bagh River.
  • Bagh print and associated bags are known as an important part of Dhar’s identity.
  • The cloth used is usually cotton and silk cloth. However, it could be Kosa silk, bamboo chicks, cotton rugs, chiffon, crepe, georgette tissue, mulberry silk etc.
  • It is considered a 1000-year-old wooden hand-block print and is believed to be started by the Khatri community around the Indus Valley times.
  • This handicraft style is Geographically tagged and registered.