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Jhelum River (J&K)


Source: DTE

 Context: A recent study by researchers from the National Institute of Technology Srinagar has revealed an alarming level of microplastics in the Jhelum River in Kashmir, mainly attributed to unscientific municipal solid waste disposal sites.


Microplastics, measuring less than 5 millimetres, are particularly problematic as they can be ingested by riverine fauna and marine species, causing bioaccumulation.


About Jhelum River:

The river originates from a spring at Verinag. It initially flows northwards into Wular Lake, and then changes its course southwards. At Muzaffarabad, the river takes a sharp hairpin bend, turning southward. It serves as the boundary between India and Pakistan for a distance of 170 km and emerges at the Potwar Plateau near Mirpur. Finally, the river joins the Chenab River at Trimmu.