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Creating Art from invasive plant Lantana

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME)

Source: DTE

In Tamil Nadu, Adivasi craftsmen create life-sized elephants from lantana, an invasive plant species in India’s forests. This initiative provides employment opportunities for the Adivasis, reduces the presence of lantana in the forest, and raises awareness about the coexistence of humans and wildlife.


The project involves making elephant replicas, exhibiting them globally, and auctioning them to generate funds for conservation efforts focused on human-wildlife coexistence.


The initiative also benefits from a peer-to-peer lending model provided by Rang De, an online micro-lending platform, to support the artisans financially.




Usage: Such innovative examples can be used in Indian Society/ Environment/ Sociology/ Anthropology (on Tribal) Questions to highlight a project combining art, conservation, and Tribal empowerment.