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Use of animals for espionage


Source: IE 

Hvaldimir, the beluga whale spotted off the Swedish coast, gained attention due to the harness attached to its head, leading to speculations of it being a Russian spy.


Examples of animals being used for espionage: During World War I, pigeons were equipped with cameras and used to capture images over enemy territory;  Dolphins and sea lions, have been trained for military purposes, such as detecting submarines and retrieving materials; the CIA even attempted to use cats as listening devices in the Acoustic Kitty project, although with limited success.


Ethical issues concerned: Animal cruelty, lack of respect for animal rights, and the potential for unintended consequences and harm to innocent animals.


Usage: Such examples can be quoted in International Ethics / War ethics-related questions / Essays.


About Beluga whale

The beluga whale is an Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean. It is 6 m long, related to dolphins, and known for its chirps, clicks, whistles, and squeals. Distribution: Arctic and subarctic coastal waters; It sheds its skin every year, turning from grey to white as it ages. IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened