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Free I-AMM booklets for all. Learn its utility! – A note from Sudeep sir, Faculty @Insights IAS


Dear Students,

Many students fail to go through the previous year questions during their mains preparation. Even among those who do, many students lack the methodology to analyse the paper properly. To make the job of the students easier, I have designed these I-AMM booklets for all the GS papers.

My humble request is, watch the youtube video, where I illustrate the methodology to use these booklets and how by doing this simple exercise, you will realise the approach necessary for your mains preparation.




The booklets are completely free. You can download and use it. But for students attending the Insights-Advanced Mains Masterclass program, it is compulsory that you fill all the tables under every question in every GS paper before attending the class on June10th.


GS 1 I-AMM Booklet

GS2 I-AMM Booklet 

GS 3 I-AMM Booklet 

GS 4 I-AMM Booklet 

GS 4(Case Studies) I-AMM Booklet