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INDUS-X under the iCET


Source: TH

Context: India and the U.S. are exploring the possibility of co-producing jet engines, long-range artillery, and infantry vehicles with the upcoming launch of INDUS-X.


What is INDUS-X?

 It is a major upcoming initiative under the Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET), with the aim to promote partnerships and collaboration between the defence innovation ecosystems of both countries.

  • INDUS-X is focused on advancing high-tech cooperation and exploring opportunities for joint research, development, and production in the defence sector.


About iCET dialogue:

iCET was announced in 2021 and is spearheaded by the National Security Councils of both countries, to expand the India-US partnership for critical and emerging technologies
Areas of CooperationR&D, Quantum computing, Defence innovations, Space, 6G, Semiconductors, etc.
Significance of iCETAccelerates America’s technology partnership and strategic convergence with India; Important for India’s role as a trusted supply chain partner; Allows gradual lifting of the US’s export control restrictions on India
Other India-US Technology PartnershipsNISAR (NASA-ISRO), Joint Indo-US Quantum Coordination Mechanism, Innovation Bridge; Lockheed Martin-Tata partnership for plane production; India-USA strategic clean energy partnership; Launch of “Innovative Bridge” connecting defence startups between India and the USA; Readiness Assessment Development for building resilient semiconductor supply chains; ISRO-NASA partnership on human space flight; CLPS Project Partnership in 56/6G; Open RAN using trusted sources, etc.